EATI e-Learning platform: useful tools and certification

The EATI eLearning platform will include the three interactive modules realized during the project.

The english module will have two different “difficulties” available, that are “beginners” and “intermediate”.

The interactive module that will teach users about how to realize an effective Curriculum Vitae is now online and will help you in obtaining a CV that will make you stand out among the “crowd” of CVs that recruiters receive!

The module concerning, Social Entrepreneurship, instead, with all its interesting contents about this fastly growning economic segment, will soon be online!

In order to access the modules users will have to undergo through a short and very simple registration phase where they will receive their credentials to the platform.

When students will complete a module,  to better allow them to demonstrate their new knowledges on the labor market, they will receive a certification confirming their completion of the subject, their level, and a score.

Once that all contents will be ready and available the platform will be pilot-tested in each country represented in the project partnership in order to assess its functionality and eventual issues.