EATI e-course: valuable resources for the European labour market

The objective of EATI project is to propose innovative learning solutions for meeting the challenges and needs of the European labor market. As a consequence, EATI partnership implemented first a methodological manual for professionals working in adult education, as well as several modules available on the project’s e-learning platform and dedicated to everyone willing to train, evaluate and validate their knowledge and skills necessary for working in European Union. Three interactive modules are proposed:

  • English
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Curriculum Vitae.

The EATI English Training offers 5 modules, 3 for Beginners and 2 for Intermediate learners. The modules consist of vocabulary, dialogues, videos, reading comprehension and grammar with exercises, all on topics that are relevant for everyday life and work. The vocabulary covers very basic vocabulary as well as topics such as health, education, employment, environment, technology, etc. The e-modules also include audio for some of the vocabulary and dialogues.

At the end of each training module, learners will be able to test their own competences through a multiple choice test, after which they will receive a course certificate.

CIPFP Misericordia developed the Social Entrepreneurship Module which has two separate sections.

One aims at fostering the entrepreneurship spirit within adults. The other gives some clues about job searching, curriculum development, etc.

Both sections are easy and intuitive completed by some examples, questions and calls to do some little research.

With the module about Curriculum Vitae, participants of the project will learn how to realize an effective CV and they will do so through an e-learning course covering a block of multimedia presentations.

They can prepare for applying for a selected position carefully, and by performing individual exercises, they create their own CV, which they will be able to print and present to the employer.