About the project


The focus of EATI project lies on the need to have an innovative and common methodology for all professionals who work with Education and Training for Adults. 

The project objectives are: 

  • Develop more open and flexible approaches in validation and accreditation of adults knowledge and skills. 
  • Encourage lifelong learning
  • Help adults in finding a job and be active in labour market. 
  • Support all the entities which deal with Adults Education and Training at both national and European level. 
  • Indirectly, raise the level of employment in Europe.

Target users

EATI project is addressed in particular to adult learners and adults educators. From the project can benefit a wider variety of individuals and organizations, such as: 

  • Entities promoting lifelong learning. 
  • Technicians working with mobility programmes. 
  • Adult education institutes. 
  • Entrepreneurs and business incubators. 
  • Work agencies. 
  • Public authorities and policy makers in the field of Education.


  • Output 1 : Methodology manual “Balance of Key Competences for Universal School Certification”.  It is a methodological guide for professionals working in adult education and it is composed by a range of tools for recognition, validation and certification of adults’ non-formal and informal skills to help them in the labor market in their own country or abroad. The methodology is largely focused on learning developed in another European country, in informal learning contexts.
  • Output 2: European Platform for Support for Adult Recognition, Validation and Certification. It is a pedagogical and informative platform addressed to individulas working in the field of adults’ education and adults competencies development. It contains useful information and the Methodology manual “Balance of Key Competences for Universal School Certification” for both consultation and download. In addition, the e-Learning Area, will include a useful e-course for self-training of adults, who will receive a final certificate after the completion of the learning pathway.